GROUND BASS was formed in 2018, as a natural extension of the great pleasure and musical affin-
ity we have playing together in the basso continuo section of the Lyra Baroque Orchestra. GROUND BASS gives us the opportunity to explore the music written for the various combinations of bass instruments. Our ensemble provides a window to the great variety of instruments in the baroque bass family, and their characteristic warmth, richness, and expressiveness. We perform on historical instruments from the Renaissance and Baroque periods; our con- certs include bass viol, violone, lirone, piccolo cello, baroque cello, baroque bass, harpsichord, and organ. Our exploration of literature sometimes involves adapting music written for other instruments, such as the ensemble pieces we perform today. This Zoom concert is our fourth annual concert and our first virtual collaboration. While we miss our in-person audience, we welcome the opportunity to perform for friends and family beyond the Twin Cities.